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The Future is – Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and predictive analytics have been around for quite some time now. And while the downtown is fired up for this reborn business hype, the exploration goes on in both ways.

When you acknowledge it, Business Intelligence, like everything in life, has two sides of its story – processing and visualization. Nowadays, it seems that the solutions are getting more and more process oriented. Companies invest in large infrastructures to mine and analyse their data and – in most cases – have a hard time making sense of it or take action upon it.

So there is no surprise in the last research from Gartner who sees the mobile BI as the fastest growing, yet with least satisfying BI capability. It’s more than obvious that someone forgot on the other side of the view.

Business Intelligence is all about you

It’s about making your job easier and helping you understand your data to make better decisions faster. You are the most important piece of puzzle in the BI story. All the big data can only make sense when you know how make better decisions upon it.

According to Gartner, mobile Business Intelligence is enabling enterprises “to deliver analytics content to mobile devices in a publishing and/or interactive mode, and takes advantage of the mobile client’s location awareness.”

In other words – it’s still your data, make use of it.