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Big data

Big Data is here to stay

Big Data has been one of the biggest buzzwords in 2013 and is without a doubt driving some massive change in the corporate world.

But despite the fact that organizations tend to move towards this ideology, we wanted to explore if Big Data is a sticky or just another fly-by, soon to be forgoten when a new corporate hype/bubble/buzz-thingy emerges.

So what is Big Data and what makes it so big?

Big Data came along with the digital age and huge piles of informations. While business intelligence and predictive models have been around from the early 70s, Big Data is a fresh term, describing tons of information gathered in the last decade. For Big Data you obvisouly need Big Analytics; Hadoop-based processes and analysis across huge data clusters, advanced data architecture designs and logical data warehouses.

If we’re referring to big data at the moment, we’ll probably be talking about Huge Data in about a decade. Organizations have become obsessed with gathering as much information as possible and having all this data stored for later analysis. Huge dashboards are a necessity and in numerous cases all the numbers and strings don’t mean anything at all.

Big Data is, without a doubt, here to stay. The next challenge on the horizon is the interpretation of this data and making sense of it. Because in the end, it’s not all about big data – it’s about getting the right data at the right time.